A typical VMS installation consists of a combination of electronic parts to accommodate various functions such as network security, redundant communication & stability.

Generally an installation takes up very little space in a guardhouse or control room, but remains very scalable due to the technology being used & the expansion capabilities built into the system.

Below is a diagram of a typical 1 lane enter, 1 lane exit scenario with 3x Handheld Scanners:

The Cellcop Main Gate Controller supports up to 8x Trigger Points by means of a dry contact NO Relay Type.

The Mikrotik RB3011 is configured to create a Bridged Routing Uplink environment, where the internet uplink is on a separated ethernet port than the rest of the network providing connectivity to the scanners & access points. We embed failover scripts on all our Mikrotik devices with USB capability to improve the connectivity stability of the system.

We recommend a Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh access point on each side of the guardhouse/entry point, and because of the meshing technology embedded on the access points, the switch between access points is seamless and without interruption, providing a great coverage, mesh network.