• Open the GLOCMS Community App
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  • On the Sign In screen, click on Sign Up
  • Fill in all the fields
    1. GLO-ID
       Create your own GLO-ID that is unique to you, it should be between 8 and 30 characters in length and can contain alpha-numeric characters, but no special characters are allowed eg. NameSurname2020
    2. Email Address
      Fill in your preferred email address
    3. Mobile Number
      Fill in your Mobile Number
    4. Name
      Fill in your Name
    5. Surname
      Fill in your Surname
    6. Password
      Create your password, it should be more than 8 characters, must contain a capital letter and can contain alpha-numeric and special characters. eg. G34uqnf@87
    7. Confirm your password
      Type your password again to confirm it.
  • Once all the fields have been completed, you need to Accept the Terms and Conditions (You can also view the terms and conditions by clicking here)
  • Now click on the Sign Up button
  • You will be prompted to the Confirm your details page where you can confirm if your details are correct.

  • If you are happy that the information that you have entered is accurate, proceed by clicking on the Submit button

  • Should you have made a spelling error and the details are not accurate, go back by clicking on the Mage Changes button and make the necessary changes.

  • Once you have clicked on the Submit button you will be directed to a Confirmation page.

  • Here you will need to enter the verification code which has been sent to you via SMS.
    (Please note you will receive the verification code via Email should you not have completed the Mobile Number field on the Create an Account page)

    The SMS you should receive will look like this

  • Enter the code in the Confirmation Code field

  • Then click on the Submit button

  • You will be directed to the Sign In screen. Go ahead and sign in with your GLO-ID or Email address and your password