Inviting a visitor to your premises can de done in 9 easy steps:

1. Open your GloCMS Application. 

2. Select your Estate from the Slider.

3. Click on the "My Visitors" Module.

4. Select the "Invite Visitor" option from the list.

5. Now choose your visitor type.

6. A date must now be selected when you expect the visitor.

7. A popup menu will appear where your can either select "Enter" to enter the visitor's information or "Select from Contacts" which will pop-up your contact list.

8. Once one of the above methods have been completed, click on the "Submit Request" button to finalize the invitation.

9. Lastly, as popup will appear where you must choose a notification method i.e. Whatsapp, SMS or Other.

Note: To View PINs that are currently Active (Not redeemed yet) or to view historically created PINs, please navigate to the "View History" function on the "My Visitors" list.